Bomba dirección hidráulica

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Carcasa Material Aluminio
Polea Incluido
Dirección Asistida Salida Tamaño de Rosca M16 x 1.5
Manguera Tipo de Puerto Anillo O
Polea Tipo de Instalación Montaje a Presión
Remoto Depósito
Bomba de Dirección Hidráulica Entrada Tipo de Instalación Tubo
Bomba de Dirección Hidráulica Salida Tipo de Instalación Acoplamiento
Depósito Incluido No
Contenidos de paquete Bomba, Juego de Anillos O, Página de Instrucciones
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CARDONE Select New Power Steering Pumps are backed by CARDONE Select Engineered (CSE) Technology, ensuring that all CARDONE Select New Power Steering Pumps meet or exceed OEM performance. (CSE) Technology is based on over 40 years of reverse-engineering expertise, where original design weaknesses are identified and improved, resulting in premium-quality, brand-new parts you can rely on. All units adhere to strict S.A.E. specifications and are 100% tested to ensure reliable, long-lasting performance.


  • Manufactured with premium grade, high temperature seals for added durability under normal and extreme driving conditions
  • 100% computer load testing ensures optimal performance and durability by incorporating real-world parameters during the test cycle of the pump
  • Precise bushing alignment prevents premature shaft and seal wear, significantly reducing noise and vibration
  • Units are supplied with reservoir and cap, where applicable, for faster installation and to prevent contamination from trapped debris